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Galaxy-RT™ wall-mount outdoor controller
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The Galaxy-RT™ wall-mount outdoor controller is perfect for commercial and sports turf applications. With this controller you can choose between an integrated Wi-Fi modem for connection to an existing local area network (LAN or WLAN) or a cellular data modem for direct connection to the Internet. Additionally, its powerful diagnostics, flow monitoring, solenoid fault detection capabilities, ensure that you’ll have a solution for your irrigation needs.

  • 8, 16, 32, or 48-station outdoor controller (up to 250 stations with decoder modules)
  • Includes 5-year data package from date of connection to SIGNATURE SHARE™ system
  • Network connection options: Ethernet port, Integrated wireless, Cellular modem (GSM or CDMA), Optional remote communication with RF modem

WaterSense labeled only when this product is used with the Signature Share Intelligent Package

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